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In 2007, Romania is scheduled to join the European Union.
Artists from both the "Old" and "New" EU zones take a last glimpse at this „Newest" Europe before its integration. To observe the transformation process a visual research lab was set up in a typical wagon house in the centre of Bucharest rented for the Bucharest-Buchawork project.

The aim was to become part of daily Bucharest life.
We studied the present. scrutinized everyday life, investigated the social condition and were on the lookout for everything that is or seemed different.
In order to sharpen our attention we invited other artists and guests, form Bucharest and from abroad.
We worked on a visualization of reality in a limited time period (September-November 05) in a defined place (Bucharest).
The results are compiled and formatted and will be consecutively presented on this site.

The basis for bucharest-buchawork's research is a pool of conceptions and misconceptions, expectations and utopian and dystopian projections about Romania – a society which right now is under considerable pressure of transformation. This process of transformation is visually and socially in every respect perceptible.

During project preparation we became increasingly aware of the discrepancy between Romanian everyday-life and its image abroad. Of course Romania is not the only geo-cultural territory that is placed under a distorting optical instrument and many Europeans have been feeding on this pool of conceptions and adding to it for as long as one can remember. Last but not least Romania itself contributed to a prolongation of such clichés and identity insecurities during several ‘waves of modernization’ within the last two centuries.
Seen from the USA for example, Romania is yet another European country ("Is Romania the Capital of Budapest? Did you have any Mexican restaurants during the Ciasueschku era? You surely have better coffee than us, don't you?") While European perceptions are somewhat less exasperatingly approximate, Romanians have noticed that, for instance, a majority of (educated) interlocutors have no idea Romanian is not a Slavic language. The information membranes between Romania and "the world" seem to suffer of SOWP (Selective One-Way Permeability).

Back to the pool of concepts: bucharest-buchawork artists have no intention to produce Romania's ultimate, true "x-ray in motion". Yet they recognize that one at least has to try, least we all miss the chance to study a fascinating object.

This object (Bucharest) is one of Europe's most interesting melting pots. Or is it really? The only way to find out was to forget Dracula, begging street kids and bird-flue and just live there for two months, exposing ourselves to every-day life.

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