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We conducted a series of interviews with active individuals from the Romanian cultural scene as well as with people with an interest in Romania and insights on its processes.

Among the questions asked were: • What strategies, if any, can The West learn from Romania? • Will the "Newest Europe" provide us with the answers to global capitalism (in the shade of monster billboards)?
(for more questions see our information->questions section).

Our guests were, in order of appearance:

Cosmin Costinaș
art critic and curator
watch video

Dan Perjovschi
visual artist and art activist
watch video

Cătălin Berescu
architect and activist
watch video

Hella B.
government employee
watch video

Martina Siegwolf
art historian
Rolf Furrer
watch video

Hilke Gerdes
inhabitant of Bucharest
watch video

Matei Câlția
gallery owner
Galeria Posibilă
watch video

Sabine Hensch
director, Goethe Institut Bucharest
watch video

Romelo Pervolovici
visual artist
watch video


technical information:

There are four ways of viewing the interviews:

• through the links above you can watch each person's individual interview (embedded quicktime .mov H.263-encoded, between 1.5 and 8.6MB each)

• download the entire material for offline viewing (quicktime .mov H.263-encoded, between 1.5 and 8.6MB)
To download right click here and choose 'save as'

• streaming videos of the interviews are available on uTube (opens in new window).
For uTube we have split the material in three parts.
Besides the possibility of watching the interviews online, the interesting thing about the uTube page is the context it provides through links to other people's videos on Romania.

• DVD:

DV PAL 22'44"
available as DVD
on special request.
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