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Fresh information:

The BBC in an article on Romania's integration (also read the oppinions at the bottom!)

Art-related resources:

Meta Foundation

Idea Magazine

Ministerul Culturii si Cultelor


Resources in Romanian language:

Revista 22 - cultural and political weekly

Adevarul - daily newspaper

Romania Libera - daily newspaper


reviste.ro - an index of Romanian magazines

Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania

hotnews.ro : Agricultura-in-mana-concernelor

General information in English:

Wikipedia's Romanian resources

BBC's Country Profile for Romania

CIA Factbook about Romania

EFDS Information on Romania

Links relevant to the Obor Genetics story:

Two Fox News journalists get in trouble for reporting about Monsanto

Point-of-View information in English:

Amnesty International about Romania

"The Mad Forrest" - a play by Caryl Churchill

Languages of Romania courtesy of etnhonogue.com

Birdwatching in Romania

Romanian Revolution with X-Files music

UFO seen in Romania by cousin of Australian Man

Romanian UFO Network for more such observations

Packaged Food in Romania - a report

Rev. Wintle from a church in Massachusetts about Romania, Transylvania

Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania (English pages)

Communist Vampires - a subgendre of culture

Ceausescu.org - texts and media, a fan site?

US Dept. of State about Romanian Religious Freedoms




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