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A Man and his Political Statement

The Place:

Near Bucharest’s domestic airport Băneasa, on strada Grațioasă is a small property with three dovecots over and over covered by signs, self-drawn pickets and protest posters.

Boards, bricks, metal sheets, plastic, plaster, canvass etc. – any kind of material is used to direct messages at passers-by, tram passengers and the Bucharest public. A huge public statement about the current condition of the political class in Romania and its involvement in communism in particular.

Grigore Păduracu:

At the entrance we meet Grigore Păduracu next to a sign saying: “Free entrance, admission charged.” Realizing we don’t speak Romanian he switches to French, regretting that he can only read German but doesn’t speak it.

“Free entrance, admission charged. fr>fb”

Mr. Paduracu seems to be living by selling goat milk. So it says on one of the signs. The goats and chicken live in one of the dovecot-like shacks.

"I sell goat milk and cheese"

For himself he also adapted dovecots for living and studying. He leads us to his library, where he taught himself several foreign languages from text and grammar books. For us he picks a French edition of Heinrich Schliemann’s “Discovery of Troy”, which he wants to give us as a present.

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Inside Mr. Păduracu's appartment. Click for larger image.

Bibliography and History:

He also recommends the book: “Mein Leben und mein Kampf in Rumänien” by Grigore Bașalabescu, noting title and author on a piece of paper.
Apart from their names it looks as if both Grigores have fighting against Romanian politicians in common. Grigore Păduracu tells us he was in prison for two years during the communist time. Both his parents were killed – as far as we understood in the late 1940s.

About his sign post exhibition he says: “This is not an exhibition! This is a revolt!”

"The Battle for Romania"

"[...]Long Live Romania
-the honest
-the clean
-the hardworking
-the rich, the good, the beautiful!"

"13-15 June 1990
called by
Ion Iliescu - the Gipsy
Petre Roman - the Jew
Virgil Măgureanu
Voican Voiculescu - Romanian
have terrorized, have massacred, have tortured, have killed and raped
women, youth, schoolchildren, students"

Questions Still Exist:

What he really couldn’t understand:
artists without golden jewelry.



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