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Before we set up our studio on the lookout in Romania we selected the following questions we wanted to concentrate upon during our stay in Romania.


•Society in change. Is this the last moment for documenting the “indigenous” atmosphere of Romanian life?

•Are we witnessing a simulation of the West? Or is this question obsolete by now?

•Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?

•Which strategies if any, can the West learn from post-communist countries?

•Will we have Branza de Bordouf in ten years time? And what kind of jobs will we need in order to afford it?

•What is a civil society with no civic activity?

•To what degree is our view influenced by east-west stereotypes and preconceived categories?

•What other kind of juicy questions can we ask about Romanian life?

Most of our own art projects are somehow related to these questions.

We also chose from this pool the questions for our numerous interview partners who were willing to contribute to our project.
Thanks again to everybody!!

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