Widia Class Saw Blade Runner<br> "Timpuri Noi"
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Saw Blade Runner
"Timpuri Noi"

"Which strategies, if any, can the West learn from post-communist countries?"

Saw Blade Vehicles are the most fascinating discovery we made in Romania. These astonishing self-made multi-functional vehicles are used for cutting firewood and lumber on the spot. We encountered them in sub-urban and rural areas where they are quite frequent and much in use.
Spontaneously we decided to propagate and possibly import this surprisingly new category of vehicles of the Widia-Class*.
These imports will surely enrich the West with the invigorating spirit and power of Romanian free enterprise.

Widia-Class vehicles are usually run by a team of 2–3 workers. Their wood cutting capacity amounts to 1ccm per 10 to 15 min. For bigger jobs often two Saw Blade Runners are used, one for rough cutting and one for more accurate lumber finishing.
Usually private households order the wood and lumber cutting services by mobile phone. Mouth-to-mouth propaganda is their most reliable advertising method.
One team covers an area of up to 200km from its home base. An average job lasts approximately 10 – 14 days.
Chopping 1m3 of firewood costs 150.000 lei (=15 new lei ≈ 3.75 €)
During their jobs the team stays in privately rented rooms.

Saw Blade Runner 'Timpuri Noi' was built by a former worker of the Special Steels company in Targoviste 60 km north of Bucharest. He was laid off in the early 90's and claims to have built more than 100 Widia-Class vehicles since.

Saw Blade Runner 'Tempuri Noi' is run by a TN-1 stationary diesel engine, evaporator cooled, four stroke, one cylinder, fuel injection. The power is transmitted by a flywheel running a transmission belt, which in its turn drives either the wheel shaft or the saw.

→→ For all further technical information see our download of the Widia-Class sale’s brochure.
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The engine was produced by a company named 'Timpuri Noi' (New Times), and is in all probability a remake of a German engine widely used until the late 50ies for running threshing machines before combine harvesters came into use. 'Timpuri Noi' has a history of 142 years of engine manufacturing. Two years ago it was privatized and bought for 1,1 mln euro by its employees, becoming the company's shareholders. Since then 40% of the work force was laid off. The company does not have a web page.
'Timpuri Noi' is a major donor of antique engines to the Technical Museum in Iasi.

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* Widia, stands for “Hart wie Diamant” (As hard as diamond) and it is the name of a world leading saw blade manufacturing company. www.widia.com . The name became a synonim for tungsten carbide, the hard material used for the cutting edge of various tools.


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